why use us


At Prestige Painting Group we strive to provide the best customer service and the highest quality of Painting & Decorating. We are always trying to improve those key areas of our business, and take a proactive approach in the training of our staff and ourselves.
We are aiming to set the highest possible standard, and follow the motto “Exceeding Your Expectations”.

Although Customer Service is of utmost importance, there are other keys areas to what we do, that have to have our full attention. Namely, Our Environment and Work Safety.

Our Environment

We are Committed to the preservation of the Environment and the Safety of our Planet.
It is our objective to ensure:

  • That all waste material is removed from site & returned to the supplier for recycling and/or environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Nil Waste is dispersed into drains, sinks, water courses, or land fill.
  • That we recommend environmentally friendly paints wherever possible, including Dulux Enviro and Berger Breath Easy.

Work Safety

We are Completely Safety conscious.

  • We continue to put new and improved OH&S programs in place.
  • We always utilize the use of Elevated Work Platforms whenever working at heights, and employ Painters that have training & qualifications in E.W.P.
  • All of our employees and Sub-Contractors have completed ‘Accredited Red Card Training’.
  • We carry out Site Safety reports and J.S.A’s on all of our jobs.
  • We have a Safety Officer and First Aid Kits on all jobs.