Prestige Painting Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality painting work with the best possible service to our residential customers. We always aim to exceed your expectations and take great pride in the transformation of your home – and you get our vast experience at competitive prices.

In addition to the highest levels of customer service, we:

  • Always provide a quick response to your calls, and always turn up on time.
  • We understand that choosing the right Painter for your home is a big decision, and guarantee to have your quotation to you within 72 hours of our site visit. (email or fax)
  • Guarantee our work by providing you with a 5 Year Warranty that is backed by our membership to the Dulux Accredited Program.
  • We provide you with an exclusive client log in section on our website. This is something not done by other painters, and is of great benefit to you. When you give us the go ahead for your painting, we provide you with log in details that allow you entry to your own personalized section of our site. There you will find updated information on the progress of your job, Your complete Colour & Finishes Schedule, showing what colours & products were used where. (this is especially helpful down the track when you have another small project you want to do, and you cant remember the name of the colours), and even photos of your job. You can even download your Warranty.
  • We have a great track record for meeting our clients deadlines, no matter how stretched they might be. And we are prepared to work weekends & longer hours to make sure your house is looking immaculate before your big party, function, etc.
  • We understand how important colour choice is. We provide support with colour choice via our qualified Colour Consultants, or by simply applying paint samples to your walls, to physically show you how each colour is affected by the light in each different area. (This is included in your price)
  • We put an absolute premium on preparation. We carry out complete Cleaning, Sanding, Filling, and especially Priming, prior to the application
    of any top coats.
  • We keep your property clean daily, and ensure there is no rubbish or empty paint cans left lying around.
  • We keep all Non-Painted surfaces perfectly clean, free from all paint splatter, overspray, and smudges. (i.e. bench tops, floors, window glass, pavers, etc)
  • Your project is managed by a professional. A Job Site Supervisor is assigned to oversee your entire painting project from start to finish. Your Job Site Supervisor will keep you informed on the status of the project, answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • We always leave touch up paint that is well sealed & labeled, so if you ever have the desire to get creative, the paint will be there for you.
  • We carry out a thorough Inspection/Audit process. Darren personally inspects each Residential Painting job near completion, and presents a detailed typed out ‘Touch Up’ list to you and our supervisor. Ensuring our painters are doing everything right the first time, and that your finished product is always going to be of the highest standard.