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“With so many design options in the world of home decorating today, why use wallpaper? Besides the obvious beauty that wallpaper brings to a home, the practicality of its durability and cleanability is a definite bonus in adorning your walls. By simply applying paper to a wall, elegant design is instantly present in your home to enrich your living areas and your everyday experience. While wallpaper has astonishing historical relevance, it is also completely en vogue for today's home fashions. Artistic designs and contemporary color palettes will enhance your home's interior and ultimately contribute to the value of your home.” Seabrook Wallcoverings U.S.A
As mentioned in our team profiles, Brian has 40 years of experience, and has been hanging Wallpaper for most of that time. With expertise in all types of Paper, including delicate papers such as Flock, Foil, & even Fabric, Brian’s experience and precision has left our clients delighted and in awe of the transformation he has created in their home.