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Q Should I use a water-based paint or an oil-based paint?

A That depends. Both will do an excellent job under most circumstances. Water-based paints have a number of advantages especially for of do-it-yourselfers including ease-of-clean-up and general ease-of-use. In addition, top-quality acrylic paints generally have excellent adhesion to most surfaces and generally exhibit superior resistance to bleaching and fading when compared to oil-based paints. One rule of thumb is to use Acrylic Water Based paints Externally, and Oil Based Enamel paints on Woodwork Internally. The Acrylics are more flexible and tend to move with the External Substrate during the changes of weather, and Enamel is harder wearing and ideal for high traffic surfaces such as Doors, Architraves, & Skirting Boards. However, to determine which type of paint you should use for your specific project, feel free to give us a call, or consult your local Dulux paint retailer.